Yale Gerstein Lab

Analyses of Mitochondrial Ribosomal Protein (MRP) Pseudogenes in Human Genome

We have identified over 120 MRP pseudogenes in the August 2001 freeze of the human genome draft.
Relevant data and results can be found here.




  • Annotation table listing the location, length et al for each mrp pseudogene.
  • An excel table listing number of pseudogenes for each mrp gene,
    also the LocusLink ID of each mrp gene, the length of CDS, mRNA and GC content et al.
  • Predicted amino acid sequences of MRP pseudogenes in alignment with functional MRP sequences
  • CDS sequence and alignment of MRP pseudogenes
    in fasta, PHYLIP, and MEGA2 format, also has phylogenetic trees, see README
  • CDS plus UTR sequence of MRP pseudogenes and alignment of MRP mRNA sequence.

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