Pseudogene Information:
Pseudogene Accession
Pseudogene Name:EPHB1_HUMAN.Human.chr6.mb94
Pseudogene Location:chr6:94176961-94177611
Protein Accession Number:P54762
Protein Name:EPHB1_HUMAN
Gene ID:ENSG00000154928
GC Content:0.43
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Pseudogene Accession Number: The pseudogene accession number (as assigned by the pseudogenes database)
Pseudogene Name: The pseudogene name (as assigned by the pseuogenes database)
Protein Accession Number: Accesion number of the generating protein (as assigned by the SwissProt or Ensabmle database)
Pseudogene Location: The chromosome the pseudogene locates and its start/stop coordinates on the chromosome
Protein Coordinates: Start/stop coordinates of the generating fragment of the protein (numbered from 1)
E-value: The e-value of the sequence match to the generating protein
Amino Acid Identity: The precentage of conserved amino acids in the protein/pseudogene alignment